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Today has been one of those days where I want to just lay in bed, binge watch Netflix and push aside every responsibility I have. But instead I was forced to be an adult, get dressed and go to work.

I remember being in high school and counting down the days until I was an adult, working my own big girl job so I could pay for things I wanted to do. I remember in college how ready I was for the 9-5 grind, bi weekly paychecks, and the freedom I would have HAHAHA


I now work the big girl job receiving the big girl paycheck. Yet I was so wrong when I thought the money would go towards things I wanted to do. Before I even receive my paycheck a huge chunk is taken out for health insurance.


(Don’t get me wrong I am glad we have insurance but at least let me have the money first?!) The rest of the money is mine to spend, right? Wrong – it goes towards rent, gas, bills, and groceries. Okay there has got to be some leftover right? Wrong again – a majority of it goes into savings. ADULTING.

I feel like we need to re-address the 9-5 daily grind. This was once the part of adulthood I looked forward to the most.  I have definitely had a change of heart since entering the adult world. Working 9-5 for me really means working 7:30-4. This requires setting an alarm that goes off  before the sun is even rising! The sun thinks it is even too early. ADULTING.

That is not all, you are also expected to be presentable when you arrive in the office. You can no longer roll out of bed and call it good, messy hair and sweats are no longer acceptable. ADULTING.

The worst part about the 9-5 grind is once you come home exhausted from a long day of work – you cannot just take a nap. No, there are things around the house you need to get done.  Cleaning, laundry, taking the dog for a walk, making dinner, showering, and preparing for the next day.  By the time you’re climbing in bed it is midnight and you have a few short hours before you have to do it ALL over again……….ADULTING.

The things I would do to be a kid again, where staying up late was fun, your parents took care of the bills and your only job was to do a few pages of homework? What a life!

So here is to growing up and ADULTING.



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