Shake It Like A Polaroid {SNAP} Picture

Shake It Like A Polaroid {SNAP} Picture.

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Let’s be real, anytime someone says “Shake It” you cannot help but break out into OutKast’s 2003 hit song Hey Ya. It just happens without you having any control!

With that being said you can only imagine how many times I have sung this song since receiving my new Polaroid Snap camera, there is not enough fingers to count!

I asked for a Polaroid camera for Christmas, expecting to get something similar to my sister’s Fujifilm Instax. However, my parents ended up doing their research and found that the Polaroid Snap might be a better fit for me!


Polaroid, Polaroid Snap, Photos, Camera, Digital, Technology, The Donut Shop, Donut, Cameras, Digital Camera

You guys the camera itself is extremely cute, easy to carry and the photo quality is phenomenal. The first photo we took was of our Christmas dinner and we were all shocked by how clear the photo turned out!

Similar to modern-day Polaroid cameras, once you click the button the photo prints out in seconds. The photos are 2×3” which is the perfect size to place around your desk, home or to hang on your refrigerator.

Polaroid, Polaroid Snap, Photos, Camera, Digital, Technology, The Donut Shop, Donut, Cameras, Digital Camera

What makes the Polaroid Snap camera different? I’m glad you asked 🙂

First, one of the MAIN differences about the Polaroid Snap is that it has a MicroSD card indicator. This means that your Polaroid camera also has the ability to save each photo it takes!! Aka your Polaroid camera is also a digital camera!!! How cool is that?!

Another really cool Polaroid Snap feature, different from most competitors, is that the photos automatically print out horizontally but with no obnoxious white border!! The camera uses the entire photo paper to capture the image, so you are not paying more for paper where 1/3 is just white space! (For Polaroid junkies who love the white border, no need to fear, with the click of a button you can add the white space back!)

Picture effects are also an added bonus of the Polaroid Snap camera. You have the option to change between SIX different picture modes. From black and white to vintage sepia, the choice is yours!!

Polaroid, Polaroid Snap, Photos, Camera, Digital, Technology, The Donut Shop, Donut, Cameras, Digital CameraThe last feature that makes the Polaroid Snap stand out is the self timer button! This self timer is a nice feature for those group photos you really want apart of that before you would have been forced to miss out on! I sometimes forget this is a Polaroid camera because it has so many added features!

 Oh and the best part is there is no need to SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE because the Polaroid Snap uses Zink® Zero Ink® Printing Technology – aka the image is developed instantly and dries immediately!

This camera is perfect for us right now – it allow us to capture sweet memories we want to display around our home yet also allows us to upload them to our computer!

Although I would have been completely satisfied with the Fujifilm Instax, I am very happy my parents decided on the Polaroid Snap! All the extra features are just what we needed!!!

If you are interested in the Polaroid Snap retails for around ~ $120.00 with a 50 pack of paper. I have added a link to the Polaroid website in case you want more info!




Book List

And just like that the first month of January is coming to an end! Is it just me or did the first month of 2017 just fly by? People used to say that time flies by as you get older – they were absolutely right!!!

In my New Years Resolution post I talked all about the goals I had for 2017, one of those was to read AT LEAST one book a month. Well since the first month is almost over I figured it was probably time to decide what books I would be reading!

In case you want to join in or see what I am reading I have compiled my list below!

As you scan through the list you will notice most of the books are focused on marriage and faith. Tim and I are loving marriage, and I want to keep it that way so I figure why not do some reading now to help us become more knowledgeable about this precious gift God has given us! Some of the books listed were given to Tim and I as gifts, others were books I found online that had great reviews, and some are books I previously had, yet never read.

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Links for books below.

Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Love & Respect was given to us by Pastor James, who led our wedding ceremony.  So far I am a huge fan of Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and cannot wait to finish! I have learned a whole lot about Love and Respect and how God called us in Ephesians 5:33 as wives to “respect are husbands,” as husbands have been called to “love their wives.” Great read and highly recommended!

The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler

I got this book for Christmas from my sister, Jenn. Matt Chandler is a widely known pastor from The Village Church. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and insightful pastor, who has several podcasts and books about biblical messages ranging from marriage to how to develop a deeper faith. I am eager to experience it for myself come February!

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

You guys I have heard RAVES about this book! Every review, article, and/or blog post I have read all states that it has been one of their favorite books ever – so of course I am really looking forward to it! The book is focused on reminding us that we are loved by God, even when the world or individuals make us feel uninvited. Come on March!!!

Love Busters by Willard Harley

The book focuses on the 6 most common “Love Busters” that can easily take foothold in your marriage. Each chapter helps you identify the busters, but also provides you with tips to combat them! This book is written by Willard Harley, the author of bestseller His Needs, Her Needs (which is also on my list!).

The Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith

This book is written by the same author as the Wife After God devotional I am currently doing. I have enjoyed the way Jennifer Smith writes in the devotional so much that I jumped at the opportunity to read another piece by her! It is her real life love story that is full of her refreshingly raw, transparent journey touching the deep places in her marriage that only God can reach.

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist 

An Amazon favorite, Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist is an invitation to live, marked by grace, love, rest, and play.  Shauna challenges that this book will change everything and I CANNOT wait! I originally heard about this author from another blogger and everything I have read has stated that her novels are a must read!

His Needs, Her Needs by Willard Harley 

This book was also given to us by Pastor James and I have only heard wonderful things about it! Focused on the different relational and emotional needs of men and women, the novel helps couples grow to appreciate what their significant other brings to their marriage. I feel like this book will have a similar focus as Love & Respect, so it will be a nice refresher toward the end of the year!

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel 

I bought this book several years ago after seeing an older woman read it in an airport. I have yet to read it so I am excited to make it happen this year! You’ll find that it is a little different from the other books but I really want to finish it in 2017! The Case for Christ is a former journalist’s personal quest to uncover historical, scientific, and psychiatric evidence that supports the claim of Jesus Christ!

It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke 

If you have never read a book by Jefferson Bethke, do yourself a favor and check him out! You guys – the man is a phenomenal writer and offers perspectives that you may have never thought of before! This particular novel is Bethke’s challenge that maybe Jesus came not to change this world but to restore it. I could not put his other book Jesus > Religion down and ended up reading the book over 5 days… I have a feeling this book will not be any different!

Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist 

This novel is written by Shauna Niequist. I actually heard about Bread & Wine when researching her other novel, Present Over Perfect. Everything on Amazon said this was a must read so I added it to the list. Niequist talks about the ways God teaches and nourishes people as they nourish those around them. As a food lover I am so intrigued to read the comparisons that Niequist writes about!!!

How’s Your Soul? by Judah Smith

I felt like in 2016 I was extremely busy, and 2017 is quite the same thus far. With that being said this book will be such a good reminder of how to cultivate my soul in the midst of this chaotic life. Focused always on how to center your soul on the one fulfilling thing – God, and how to redirect it back when you feel like everything is spiraling out of control, the novel offers such great insight!!!! I feel like this book has my name written all over it!

Jesus is ________. by Judah Smith 

Through illustrations, bible verses, passion and humor author Judah Smith shows readers that Jesus is life. Smith’s writing in this book is unlike many others on the list, he speaks as if he is talking to his best friend not as if he is a world renowned author talking to an audience. I have heard about this book several times over the years and I am excited to finally take the time to read it. And what better time to be reminded that Jesus is life then the Christmas season?!

Have you read any of these books? Or do you have any suggestions for how to make sure I stay on track to finish them each month? I would love to hear your reviews as well as any tips you may have!!!!

Off to go read 🙂



Crazy Dog Mom

I may or may not be a crazy dog lady………….ok I definitely am. But I mean look at this face!  

Meet Paisley. Our 2 year old Yorkie. She is a whopping 5 lbs and 4.5 lbs of that is pure sass. If you don’t know much about yorkies let me tell you they are loyal, stubborn, smart and extremely loving pups.

Paisley has had me wrapped around her finger since the day we met.

I got Paisley my senior year at Iowa, after what felt like a lifetime of unsuccessful attempts to convince those around me that I needed a dog.  I found a breeder online based out of Mississippi and I absolutely fell in love with her pups! The breeder sent me pictures of little pup “Gaby” and described her as sweet, cuddly, playful and a lover. I was sold.

Now the problem was I lived in Iowa and the puppy was in Mississippi. Oh and on top of that it was January in the midwest – which means the weather is below freezing and snow is always a possibility. That creates quite the dilemma.

But by now I NEEDED this puppy.

She was all I could think about, and definitely all I was talking about.

After lots of back and forth with the breeder and lots of long conversations with Tim – I came up with a plan. I was going to fly from Chicago, IL to Memphis, TN where I would meet the breeder in the airport and fly right back home. (Super crazy I know – sorry mom and dad!)

After I made the final decision that she was the one – I spent many days scouring the internet for all things puppy. She needed toys, a brush, food dishes, sweaters, potty pads, leash, collar, name tag… name it I had it. To say I was prepared is an understatement. Having all that in my possession made me so ready to have her in my arms! 

The night before I flew to pick up the puppy the breeder sent me a photo  as they waited for their final check-up! She was a healthy puppy and all up to date on shots, and she was still so stinkin’ cute! I kept thinking to myself is it time to fly yet?!

NOW let me tell you it was crazy, scary, exciting and so frightening all at once. But when I first met Paisley I knew it was ABSOLUTELY worth it!!

Once I finally had her we still needed to fly back to Chicago, and drive to Iowa before we were home safe. Our flight back to Chicago ended up getting delayed a little so we made lots of sweet memories in the airport terminal.

We were totally hitting it off.

After an easy flight back to Chicago, we met my best friend Casey and her momma for some coffee before we hit the road. It was nice to see them before we headed back, and it was a much needed energy boost! After we said our goodbyes we hit the road and headed home!

We ended up getting home late that evening, just in time for Tim to come stop by! It did not take long before he said “oh my goodness I am going to squish her.” (Which he still has yet to do!!!) A few days getting used to her and he feel in love too!

Paisley has taught me responsibility, unconditional love, patience and selflessness.

In her 2 years I have cried from frustration (another thing you should know about yorkies – they are terrible at potty training. I am talking it took 1 year for her to really get it!!!!), laughed from happiness and learned more than I could have imagined. She may be a dog but she is definitely preparing us to one day be parents.

So now I am officially a crazy dog mom and I would not change a thing about it! It is so cliche to say but she truly has been a constant in my world that has been ever changing the last few years! I love her, almost as much as she loves cheese!



PS. Since I wrote about her it is acceptable to post an absurd amount of photos, right?!



Today has been one of those days where I want to just lay in bed, binge watch Netflix and push aside every responsibility I have. But instead I was forced to be an adult, get dressed and go to work.

I remember being in high school and counting down the days until I was an adult, working my own big girl job so I could pay for things I wanted to do. I remember in college how ready I was for the 9-5 grind, bi weekly paychecks, and the freedom I would have HAHAHA


I now work the big girl job receiving the big girl paycheck. Yet I was so wrong when I thought the money would go towards things I wanted to do. Before I even receive my paycheck a huge chunk is taken out for health insurance.


(Don’t get me wrong I am glad we have insurance but at least let me have the money first?!) The rest of the money is mine to spend, right? Wrong – it goes towards rent, gas, bills, and groceries. Okay there has got to be some leftover right? Wrong again – a majority of it goes into savings. ADULTING.

I feel like we need to re-address the 9-5 daily grind. This was once the part of adulthood I looked forward to the most.  I have definitely had a change of heart since entering the adult world. Working 9-5 for me really means working 7:30-4. This requires setting an alarm that goes off  before the sun is even rising! The sun thinks it is even too early. ADULTING.

That is not all, you are also expected to be presentable when you arrive in the office. You can no longer roll out of bed and call it good, messy hair and sweats are no longer acceptable. ADULTING.

The worst part about the 9-5 grind is once you come home exhausted from a long day of work – you cannot just take a nap. No, there are things around the house you need to get done.  Cleaning, laundry, taking the dog for a walk, making dinner, showering, and preparing for the next day.  By the time you’re climbing in bed it is midnight and you have a few short hours before you have to do it ALL over again……….ADULTING.

The things I would do to be a kid again, where staying up late was fun, your parents took care of the bills and your only job was to do a few pages of homework? What a life!

So here is to growing up and ADULTING.



Recharge in 2017

Y’all I spent my Saturday night at Recharge, women’s night of worship at Watermark Community Church, with hundreds of other females praising the Lord! Let me tell you, I would willingly spend every Saturday night doing that! Especially if they had the Donut Holes on Sticks again! We worshiped, we sang, and we were SOOO encouraged.

I mean what is more powerful than hundreds of women praising the Lord together?! The songs were led by women, the message was read by a woman, IT WAS ALL STRONG WOMEN and it truly was so special to worship the Lord alongside them all!

The message was icing on the cake! Focused on the Holy Spirit and the extreme relationship, as believers, we have with God through the Holy Spirit!

In John 16:7 Jesus says “Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.”

Jesus himself tells us that the Holy Spirit is better to us than he is! Jesus knows that he can only in be in one place yet the Holy Spirit can be everywhere, in everyone who has accepted Christ! Like take a minute to soak that in – the Holy Spirit is EVERYWHERE!

In addition to reminding us how crucial the Holy Spirit is to our relationship with God,  Nika ( Director of Women’s Equipping and Curriculum at Watermark) also taught about how the Holy Spirit works within us. She stated that the Holy Spirit…….

1. He dwells in us – 1 Corinthians: 6:20

She perfectly summed this up by saying that when we are lonely our friends/family/spouse/dog/sin/etc. acts as NyQuil. They are able to manage our symptoms. Yet God is within you in form of the Holy Spirit – you are never alone! He fills those voids forever!

God searched the world for where he wanted himself to be and he chose within YOU!!!!

2. He gives you gifts – 1 Corinthians 12:6

The Holy Spirit intentionally gave you certain gifts. He has a plan for those gifts to be used for the good of the church. Look at it like a paint by numbers – if there is one square that is missing that will be all you notice. There could be pretty coloring however that one area that has failed to be painted would be an eye catcher. The same applies to your gift, if you don’t use them the church will be missing a crucial piece!


Your gifts matter, you are valuable!

3. He seals it for the day of Judgement  – I Corinthians 13:10, 12

This is the part that I’m still so in awww of. If you are like me – you never saw the Holy Spirit like this, but boy is it life changing!

God already bought you with the blood of Jesus Christ – the Holy Spirit is A promise that God is with you until he comes again. In the meantime we have the Holy Spirit as our engagement ring. This ring symbolizes that we are waiting to be married with Christ on the day of his return. He would never break off the engagement, ask for a refund or say he does not want you anymore.

No matter what he will never take back the Holy Spirit, once you have accepted God into your life – you have the Holy Spirit until his return!!!

At your worst God still says YOU ARE MINE! When you feel lonely, worthless, fearful, rejected…..he still declares MINE!

I hope these words and thoughts are as encouraging to you as they were to me! I hope you feel recharged! God loves you, and desires a relationship with you!! WE ARE SAVED FRIENDS!