Crazy Dog Mom

I may or may not be a crazy dog lady………….ok I definitely am. But I mean look at this face!  

Meet Paisley. Our 2 year old Yorkie. She is a whopping 5 lbs and 4.5 lbs of that is pure sass. If you don’t know much about yorkies let me tell you they are loyal, stubborn, smart and extremely loving pups.

Paisley has had me wrapped around her finger since the day we met.

I got Paisley my senior year at Iowa, after what felt like a lifetime of unsuccessful attempts to convince those around me that I needed a dog.  I found a breeder online based out of Mississippi and I absolutely fell in love with her pups! The breeder sent me pictures of little pup “Gaby” and described her as sweet, cuddly, playful and a lover. I was sold.

Now the problem was I lived in Iowa and the puppy was in Mississippi. Oh and on top of that it was January in the midwest – which means the weather is below freezing and snow is always a possibility. That creates quite the dilemma.

But by now I NEEDED this puppy.

She was all I could think about, and definitely all I was talking about.

After lots of back and forth with the breeder and lots of long conversations with Tim – I came up with a plan. I was going to fly from Chicago, IL to Memphis, TN where I would meet the breeder in the airport and fly right back home. (Super crazy I know – sorry mom and dad!)

After I made the final decision that she was the one – I spent many days scouring the internet for all things puppy. She needed toys, a brush, food dishes, sweaters, potty pads, leash, collar, name tag… name it I had it. To say I was prepared is an understatement. Having all that in my possession made me so ready to have her in my arms! 

The night before I flew to pick up the puppy the breeder sent me a photo  as they waited for their final check-up! She was a healthy puppy and all up to date on shots, and she was still so stinkin’ cute! I kept thinking to myself is it time to fly yet?!

NOW let me tell you it was crazy, scary, exciting and so frightening all at once. But when I first met Paisley I knew it was ABSOLUTELY worth it!!

Once I finally had her we still needed to fly back to Chicago, and drive to Iowa before we were home safe. Our flight back to Chicago ended up getting delayed a little so we made lots of sweet memories in the airport terminal.

We were totally hitting it off.

After an easy flight back to Chicago, we met my best friend Casey and her momma for some coffee before we hit the road. It was nice to see them before we headed back, and it was a much needed energy boost! After we said our goodbyes we hit the road and headed home!

We ended up getting home late that evening, just in time for Tim to come stop by! It did not take long before he said “oh my goodness I am going to squish her.” (Which he still has yet to do!!!) A few days getting used to her and he feel in love too!

Paisley has taught me responsibility, unconditional love, patience and selflessness.

In her 2 years I have cried from frustration (another thing you should know about yorkies – they are terrible at potty training. I am talking it took 1 year for her to really get it!!!!), laughed from happiness and learned more than I could have imagined. She may be a dog but she is definitely preparing us to one day be parents.

So now I am officially a crazy dog mom and I would not change a thing about it! It is so cliche to say but she truly has been a constant in my world that has been ever changing the last few years! I love her, almost as much as she loves cheese!



PS. Since I wrote about her it is acceptable to post an absurd amount of photos, right?!


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