New Year’s Resolutions

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Christmas Eve Service

I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus, with your friends and families. Tim and I had a wonderful Christmas and are now gearing up for the New Year.

As a New Year approaches I always ask myself: What are my fondest moments from this past year? What am I looking forward to in the New Year? Each question allows for such wonderful reflection but also allows yourself to go on a trip down memory lane! I use each question/answer to help me create my resolutions for the upcoming year!

I have listed my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 below:

1. Dive Daily into the Lord’s word 

Although apart of my routine now, I want to become more consistent with diving  into the Lord’s word daily. As one of my favorite books, For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn,  states “I want to fill up my love tank with Jesus so that I can help fill the love tank of those around me.” I cannot love others well if I am not filling myself daily with the Lord. And boy is this true – when I am in the word I am happier, more joyful, loving and compassionate to those around me. Without daily time my love tank runs on empty and my actions/words reflect that.

2. Read at least one book EVERY month 

I cannot wait for this one! You guys I love reading however tend to find myself choosing sleep, facebook scrolling or playing with the dog over it most days. So needless to say reading has taken a backseat the last year. I think I read 3 or 4 books ALL year! That is where this New Years resolution was born – I have received several good books the last few months and cannot wait to read them! I will do a blog post in the future about all the books I plan on reading and getting some suggestions from y’all on any books I must read!


Y’all if you know anything about me you know my love for Diet Coke. I mean one could mistake Diet Coke for my blood type, okay maybe not that bad but definitely borderline ( I mean as I type this I have my handy Diet Coke only an arm’s reach away). Last year I attempted this and was completely successful after cutting it out cold turkey January 1 until after our wedding in August. On our way back from our honeymoon I convinced Tim that I could handle one Diet Coke and boy was I wrong – I have been drinking them ever since! So I plan on doing the same thing January 1st but this time 100% cutting it out. Pray for me y’all – this is going to be rough but it is so needed. Bring on the H20!

4. No Fast Food 

Just typing this part of the blog post is hard. All I imagine is giving up Chick-Fil-A, Canes and Panda Express and the pain that will follow. Okay not really that dramatic but this will be hard. Tim and I love going out to grab something to eat at least once a week when it is late, we do not feel like making dinner or we are craving something special. So not only will this help our health in general it will also help our savings account.  Tim and I have begun the debate on what qualifies as fast food and what does not and here is what we have decided:

If the location has a drive-through and their revenue is mainly generated by the selling of food – we will avoid it. Ex. Canes or Chick-Fil-A

If the location has a drive-through and their revenue is mainly generated by the selling of coffee – we can only purchase coffee. Ex. Starbucks (Y’all I cannot give up Diet Coke AND Starbucks in one year)

If the location does not have a drive through but is fast service – we can eat there Ex. Chipotle

We are obviously going to run into some gray area here but feel confident with the “rules” stated above. Bring on the cooking and trying out new recipes!

5. Health 

I am by no means becoming the next P90X star or anything like that but I hope in 2017 to focus more on my health. To me that looks like working out a handful of times each week, eating healthier foods, and taking vitamins/supplements. This one will be difficult because I currently workout 0 times a week, live on diet coke and cookies, and have yet to figure out why anyone would take vitamins that are not gummies.

I have done a lot of research on the best tips/techniques to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions and here is what I am excited to test out:

  • Write out your resolutions, visual reminders help you stay motivated
  • Set a reward for yourself for meeting resolutions
  • Be practical, do not set 10 resolutions and think you will accomplish all – start small!
  • Make a plan for how you are going to succeed ex. Workout plan, eating plan, reading plan etc.
  • Get a buddy to join you – guys this is where marriage comes in handy! Tim is my forever resolution buddy! But really the more the merrier!


Do you have any tips on how to be successful? Anything you suggest? I am up for any tips/tricks you have found to help you succeed in achieving your resolutions! What are some resolutions you have? I would love for you to share so I could help encourage you through 2017!



PS. Donuts are still a good decision…….in moderation!

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