Helpful Tips to Devote Daily

As I previously mentioned in my New Year’s Resolutions post, one of my resolutions is to deepen my relationship with the Lord by making time to devote daily! My walk with Christ truly begun back in college when I dropped to my knees as I battled something that was totally out of control in my life. I had tried to “fix” it a thousand times before however I was never successful, I finally realized that I needed something much bigger.

Ever since that day in 2014 I have been slowly growing closer to the Lord. Yet I still go through seasons where I am very faithful and seasons where I feel I can rely on my own strength. This year I am dedicated to battling those seasons of unfaithfulness by spending time in the word each day!

As I talked with the girls in my foundation group this past week about this – we agreed we have this same desire however we often fall short of making time for God daily. We begun to discuss how we can make 2017 a year we deepen our relationship, and how to become more self disciplined. Here are some steps I have found helpful!

“Your word is a lamp to my feet
    and a light to my path.” – Psalm 119: 105


  1. Find a Set Time

This might sound easy but I feel there is truly an art to it – whether it be in the morning or evening, it is best to set aside the same time each day to spend your time with the Lord. This allows you to get in routine. If you are like me it will take you trying a ton of different times before you find something that works for you.

For me this now looks like waking up early so Tim can take me to work 30/45 minutes early so I can tuck myself into a booth at work and get my time with the Lord. I personally like setting aside my time in the morning. I feel this gives me such a different outlook on the day, and I tend to be much more pleasant because my tank is filled! You may find your time to look a little different but that is okay, morning and/or evening – find a time that you can fully devote yourself to what you’re reading!!

2. Have a Plan

For some people they can flip into the bible and find a passage each day and that works great for them, some people like to have a devotional/or plan that helps guide them within the bible. Whatever it is – have a plan for how you are going to how you are going to devote daily

I love to use devotionals or bible plans each day, I enjoy having the scripture as well as the added writing about how to understand and apply the verses. Currently I am doing the Wife After God – 30 day Marriage Devotional by Jennifer Smith. I love that each day there are verses that inspire the writting, and I love that each day is focused on strengthening your relationship with your husband and the Lord.

Tim is a huge fan of The Journey – a daily devotional created by our church, Watermark Community Church. The journey is an easy for people to read, understand and apply Gods word. Each day the Journey is delivered to your email (or opened in their app) and provides scripture with a devotional that is written by members of our Watermark Community. This year the Journey is traveling through Psalms and Proverbs. Join the Journey by clicking here. Or if you have a smartphone and want to download the app click here.

3. Keep a Journal 

Journaling has allowed me to see seasons I am going through, what the Lord has been consistently teaching me, answered prayers and where I have to grow. Journalling is not for everyone – if it is for you, that’s awesome! If not, that is totally okay! Your time with the Lord may look exceptionally different from mine – and that is normal! Find what allows you to grow in your relationship with the Lord and go with it!

4. Say a Prayer 

One of my friends once encouraged me to pray before and after my time with the Lord – just asking that he would fully open my eyes and ears to all that he is teaching me that day and every day, and that my heart would receive all his truth. I am so thankful she encouraged me to do that because I feel answered prayers each time I do so, I feel I am much better at understanding what it is the Lord is trying to show me that day.

After my time in the word, my prayer is usually focused on thanking him for the teaching and helping me apply all his truth that day, and days to come. I have found that this has been very helpful for me in just preparing myself for my daily time – maybe it would helpful for you too!

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” – Jeremiah 29:12

I am not a perfect Christian, nor do I claim to be, but I am trying to follow a Perfect savior who calls me to live a life in reflection of who he is.  I hope some of these tips help you come to know about a God in Heaven that loves you so much he sent his one and only son to die on a cross so that you could be set free of sin, and death. That you could now have a relationship with our father in heaven for ETERNITY! HOW COOL IS THAT!

Do you have any tips that help you daily devote? I still struggle with my self discipline in this scope and would love any advice you can offer or any encouragement you may have!




Starbucks Giveaway



As a new blogger I am so overwhelmed by the love and encouragement I have already received. This blog has been a labor of love for me, something I have wanted to do for several months, prayed for, and have talked myself out of several times. I am so grateful I took a leap of faith with the support of my sweet husband and I am truly so thrilled for the things to come for {{The Donut Shop}}! If you have reached out to me – thank you, your positive words remind me why I wanted to start writing in the first place. For those of you who have followed, shared, liked or commented on anything {{The Donut Shop}} related – I so appreciate that you have taken time out of your day to join me on this journey. I hope you continue to find this place to be one of encouragement!

To show appreciation for all your support – I am going to be giving away a $20 Starbucks gift card to one of my subscribers! Because who doesn’t need an iced coffee with 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla, 2 Splenda and cream to start their day? Okay maybe your drink is less complicated than mine – but coffee is coffee and it is always needed.

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The Gift That Never Stops Giving

I got the sweetest gift for Christmas and I cannot wait to share all about it today!

Tim and I have have both agreed we hope 2017 is a year that is filled with growth – especially in the aspect of our faith. We so desperately need Jesus, but we seldom give him all the time he deserves. So that is why we want this year to be filled with lots & lots of him. We took baby steps toward this in 2016 by joining our Foundation Group,  getting involved in our church and making efforts to daily devote. Something we have always wanted to do but have never committed to is memorizing scripture…….that is until this year.

Tim aided in our desire with the purchase of My God Is – Scripture Memory Cards from Scarlet & Gold. (Check them out!)

scripture memory, faith, God, bible, scarlet & gold, cards, gift, Jesus, devotional, my god is able

Y’ALL THESE ARE WONDERFUL! There are 52 cards, one for each week of the year, and each has the title My God Is. My first memory card is below:

My God Is Able

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, may you abound in every good work.”

       – 2 Corinthians 9:8

      I have already found them to be such a great resource. Before, when memorizing scripture I always had difficulty being able to apply it- these cards totally account for just that though! Not only is the verse on the card but also they have added an applicable way for you to remember it. In times when I begin to be filled with doubt, I can be reminded that My God is Able and 2 Corinthians 9:8 can remind me of that truth! I pray that God continues to use these cards to help us grow in our faith!

I know these cards are going quickly online, especially with the Holidays, but if you are in the North Texas area these cards can also be found at Landry Kate in downtown McKinney! I could write a whole blog post on my love for Landry Kate – their clothes are adorable and reasonably priced, they sell Magnolia Homes items and they are FAITH based! Does a boutique get any better than that?

 Our church, Watermark Community Church, has provided several scripture memorization tools that aid in the process. I have added them below to help if you too are trying to memorize more scripture:

  • Write: Nothing will help you memorize something faster than writing it down.
  • Reflect: Think about the meaning of the verse, how it applies to your life and what it teaches you about God.
  • Recite: As you write out the verse, recite it out loud.
  • Record: It may feel strange at first but record yourself saying the verse. Hearing the verse will help you remember it.
  • Remind: Put the verse on notecards and place them where you will see them often (Ex. sticky notes on your mirror, car, desk etc.)
  • Refer: Refer to the verse in your prayers and in your counsel to others.
  • Repeat: Frequency is a must! Repeat the verse over and over.
  • Reward: Come up with something that motivates you!

So here is to the gift that never stops giving, bring on the next 51 verses! With the Lord’s help 2017 will be filled with lots of truth!



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PS. Scarlet & Gold ALSO has phone cases – Tim really knocked it out of the park this year, he also got me the “This World Is Not My Home” phone case too!!


My Home Decor Wishlist

As we begin to take down our Christmas decorations, I am once again focused on the areas of our home that seem bare. For example, the area our Christmas Tree has called home the last month now has an empty void. An empty place that would be the perfect spot for a bookshelf to display books and other decorative items. Although overall our apartment feels like home – I have ideas for certain spaces that could use some additional help. And this whole putting away Christmas decor has only made me realize that my list is never-ending…..

My Home Decor Top 10 Wishlist:

Home Decor, Wishlist, Mirror, Bookshelf, Cow, Canvas, Sofa Table, bar cart, pillow, headboard, quilt ladder, rug, lamp

1. Tribeca Home Bookcase 2. Kosas Home Console Table 3. Safavieh Arebelle Tufted Headboard 4. Wildom Home Cassidy Serving Cart 5. Bungalow Rose Wall Mirror 6. Betsy Cow Canvas Art Print 7. Handcut Shapes Throw Pillow, All Over Maracon Pillow, Home Texo Pillow 8. Safavieh Indoor/Outdoor Rug 9. Tripod Floor Lamp 10. Rustic Decorative Wood Ladder

So I guess this means I need to get shopping!

The best thing about many of these items is you can buy them online – aka you can sit in your PJs, messy hair, coffee in one hand and do some damage! And to add the cherry on top, many of these sites have free shipping : Wayfair does on items $49 and over, Overstock & Rugs USA both do on any purchase, & Nebraska Furniture Mart does on items $49 and over. PLUS most have wonderful deals – just check out the promos they have at the time of purchase!!

I mean, can you really spend too much on home decor? (Absolutely NOT!)



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–2016 Highlights–

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With the blink of an eye we are in the final hours of 2016……the best year of my life, thus far. Looking back on this year I have so many highlights that is hard to summarize it all in one blog post but this is my attempt to do just that. 2016 has been full of travel, adventure, laughter, tears, friends, family and a WHOLE lot of love.

Not just the love of my now husband but also the love of our savior. One of my favorite moments from 2016 was being baptized back in May. This was truly a moment in the making for 23+ years, and it was oh so special. Our church home, Watermark Community Church, throws a huge party every May where hundreds of people declare Christ as their savior and are baptized in his name. AND this year we were apart of that!

The year started out with a fun trip to Colorado to visit my college bestie, Casey, out in Denver. It was a quick 2 day trip but Casey was the best adventure guide around. She took us to Boulder, Estes Park, and showed us all around where she lived in Aurora. We loved seeing where she taught and all the places she got to visit! Colorado in the winter is just an absolute beauty and full of the Lord’s handy work.

2016 was filled with lots of LOVE….and weddings! One of my best friends, Kim, got married in June and boy was it special to stand by her side. She made the most beautiful bride and we were so glad we got to spend the day watching her and Adam say I do!

In July of 2016 I traveled to Florida with 9 of my best friends for my bachelorette weekend. It was absolutely one of my favorite trips I have ever been on – drinks on the beach, dolphin watching, Long Boat key bars, and mannequin hands made it a top of the line bachelorette party! If only we could spend every weekend in FL together!

One of my fondest memories is obviously August 6 – the day I got to marry my sweet Timothy. The day was everything I imagined and so much more! Not only was I so thrilled to see the year’s worth of planning come to life but I was so excited to finally get to kiss my sweet husband. HUSBAND – that word never gets old y’all! The best part of the wedding though was that now it is over and life starts, and I’m so excited to be on this side of the “I dos.”

Saint Lucia – enough said. We spent our honeymoon in this beautiful place and it was certainly the first of many future trips there!

Tim and I also moved into our first place together this year; it may be small – but it is ours. We have filled this apartment with not only furniture but we have filled it with life. It is ours and it is perfect. Well if the closet was a little bigger then it would be perfect…. 🙂

In December of 2016 we traveled to Oklahoma City and got to spend some time exploring Bricktown! OKC was a close get away and boy was it fun! My sweet cousin took us around the city showing us all the must see/dos! We saw a Thunder game, visited a brewery, shopped and saw the city from 49 stories in the sky. We will be back, OKC!

So 2016 although I am holding tight to you forever, I’m easing my grip as 2017 begins. 2017 – I pray you are filled with the same love as before, similar adventures, the same people and lots of new memories! We are ready for you 2017!!

•Happy New Year Friends•